This Moment of Life


If you want an experience to stick, put your body through it. There’s something undeniable about bodily experience.

Thoughts and feelings not so much. You can always pretend you didn’t think that, or wonder if the feeling was ‘real’. This is one of the problems with the teaching that thoughts don’t belong to you but are impersonal; that thoughts can be observed as a way of detaching from them. The idea behind that teaching is that the mind can catch us in a loop of endless chatter. We get lost in the stream of thoughts and miss this moment of life. Detaching from our thoughts – recontextualizing them as impersonal – aims to help us take our attention off our mind chatter and give more attention to the present moment.

Thats all very well but the question then becomes ‘What is the present moment to which we want to give our attention?’ The body is the only constant in all of my present moments.

The body is a much better way to get fully into this moment of life.

Never mind Mindfulness. Kiss. Eat. Bare feet on wet grass.