I don’t have a body; my body has me.


I am constantly learning from my body. This morning I’ve been listening to some recordings by Dr Christiane Northrup – author of ‘Women’s Bodies Women’s Wisdom’. This got me reflecting on how I have experienced wellness and illness in my life – how my physical body is an expression of the sum total of my emotional states. Over time my body has become increasingly responsive. Nowadays the slightest onset of stress results in tension - a headache perhaps.  This means that I am able to catch stress very early on when it is still subtle and easily fixable. I have learnt to listen to and act on my body’s early signals of distress and so bring myself back into full, flourishing wellness immediately. It occurs to me that I do not have a body, my body has me. I am a student of my body and its wisdom.

Wellness in a cuppa


I let my body make my decisions. Over time I’ve learnt that listening to my body works. Going against it backfires – resulting in either emotional upset or physical unwellness. Choosing food is one of the most significant areas in which I follow the ‘trust my body’ method.

There are so many schools of thought on nutrition, all that external information can be confusing. I do pay attention to teachers of nutrition and food who I trust. This provides me with my baseline guidance. But in the moment to moment decision of ‘What should I eat now?’ I ask my body.

This afternoon it said, ‘Digestive biscuits and tea.’ So thats what I’ve been enjoying. Nothing organic or raw; nothing artisan or rare. Just basic, childhood-memory-invoking, comforting Mcvities digestives and a cuppa. And just like that, I feel so much better than I did a few hours ago.