Everyone Has a Body


I was chatting with a Vedic astrologer recently who told me that in classical Indian astrology, Enlightenment and Sexual Union occupy the same spot in a person’s birth chart. Astrology isn’t really my thing but I was intrigued by this. It makes complete sense to me.

For centuries the pursuit of Enlightenment has so often been taught as a movement away from the flesh; a giving up of earthly pleasure for the fruit of Spirit. This has never made sense to me for one very simple reason.

Everyone has a body.

There probably are infinite paths to Enlightenment with infinite ways in which we can configure our relationship with the flesh. But there must be a relationship with the flesh because….everyone has a body.

Enlightenment is a physiological matter. But the understanding of Vedic astrology goes further than acknowledging the body in relation to spiritual pursuit. It specifically associates Erotic Pleasure with Enlightenment. I started to think about why this is and realised that the Sanskrit words are interesting in this regard. Vedic Astrology uses the word ‘moksha’ for Enlightenment and ‘mithuna’ for Sexual Union. Moksha literally means ‘liberation’ or ‘freedom’; ‘mithuna’ means ‘pairing’ or ‘sexual union’.  Shared erotic pleasure takes us beyond the duality of pleasure-pain to a pleasure of Being that is more elusive and ethereal – rather like Enlightenment. Sharing erotic pleasure also takes us out of the mundane experience of, “I have a body,” and into the out-of-the-ordinary experience, “I am my body,” or even, “My body is I.”

Many people know experientially or intuitively that the pleasure experienced in sex is a taste of Being; a taste of something beyond their mundane experience. Sex liberates us (moksha) from the mundane.

Enlightenment is an erotic matter.