mind body connection

I’m dancing again


I’ve been on semi-sabbatical this year. I’ve spent very little time blogging, writing articles or sharing on social media. I have done very few public events. I’ve been shopping, having spa days and eating pastries in cafés. My local Carluccio’s has all but given me a pastry pass!

And I’ve been dancing again. From the first week of January I’ve been going into the studio and reconnecting with dance. It’s been a long time since I felt a front-and-centre connection with that part of myself. It went into hibernation, allowing other parts of me to wake up.

But now I’m making art with my body again.

This image was created with Mr. Benji Reid during a day in the photography-dance studio. Reflecting on the image, this is my thought:

Eros is Infinite. It has the capacity to hold All of You. Are you ready?

Yoga : corpse pose day 7of 14


Today when I lay down in shavasana (corpse pose) my navel chakra is warm – like there’s a mini sun shining down on it. This is the place of food and the thinking mind (manas). There is a verse in the Upanishads that says that the most physical part of food is excreted from the body; the subtle part of food is absorbed into the body and the subtlest part is absorbed into the thinking mind. Food nourishes mind.

I don’t have a body; my body has me.


I am constantly learning from my body. This morning I’ve been listening to some recordings by Dr Christiane Northrup – author of ‘Women’s Bodies Women’s Wisdom’. This got me reflecting on how I have experienced wellness and illness in my life – how my physical body is an expression of the sum total of my emotional states. Over time my body has become increasingly responsive. Nowadays the slightest onset of stress results in tension - a headache perhaps.  This means that I am able to catch stress very early on when it is still subtle and easily fixable. I have learnt to listen to and act on my body’s early signals of distress and so bring myself back into full, flourishing wellness immediately. It occurs to me that I do not have a body, my body has me. I am a student of my body and its wisdom.