MAC lipsticks

No Persistence Here


This short piece of erotica was written at the invitation of @sexblogofsorts. We were asked to write a piece using the name of a classic MAC lipstick as a prompt. My lipstick name was ‘Persistence’. Here it is…..


I’m not sure why they named me ‘Persistence’. Trying hard really isn’t my thing.

I live in my little case, darkness wrapping me in thick nothingness.
Each day she pulls open my lid- ‘pop’ – and twists me up into the light.
I glimmer and gasp into the air. I stand plump and proud. She lifts me to her lips in front  of the bathroom mirror.
This is it.
Each day I give a tiny sliver of myself to her mouth. I glide on and – ‘pucker’ – she presses me onto her lips.
And from that moment this sliver of my soul starts to die. Every time she sips, bites, laughs, kisses or smiles, I die a little. By the end of the day I’m gone, dissolved into…..thin nothingness.
I live for her mouth.
No persistence here. Just plump and proud surrender.