Wellness in a cuppa


I let my body make my decisions. Over time I’ve learnt that listening to my body works. Going against it backfires – resulting in either emotional upset or physical unwellness. Choosing food is one of the most significant areas in which I follow the ‘trust my body’ method.

There are so many schools of thought on nutrition, all that external information can be confusing. I do pay attention to teachers of nutrition and food who I trust. This provides me with my baseline guidance. But in the moment to moment decision of ‘What should I eat now?’ I ask my body.

This afternoon it said, ‘Digestive biscuits and tea.’ So thats what I’ve been enjoying. Nothing organic or raw; nothing artisan or rare. Just basic, childhood-memory-invoking, comforting Mcvities digestives and a cuppa. And just like that, I feel so much better than I did a few hours ago.

Dead skin and soft exfoliants


‘Out with the old. In with the new.’

Mostly, people wait till ‘the old’ is well and truly worn out before letting go of it. Relationships, jobs, business practices, eating habits…. we wait till its past its sell-by date; then we let go.

But the body’s wisdom is so much finer and saves us so much time, energy and heartache.

I’ve noticed that my body senses immediately when something is old. When I ignore that sensual wisdom and wait till I see the logic of it, letting go is painful – the way I imagine a chemical peel would feel.

When I listen to my body immediately, letting go a lot easier.

I still feel the ending, parting or change, but the rub is gentler – like sloughing away dead skin cells with a luxurious exfoliant.

I eat for pleasure


But pleasure is often mistaken for careless hedonism.

For me pleasure isn’t a rash choice of ‘eat now; regret later.’

Truly pleasurable eating feels good to the body before, during and after the meal. In my experience, eating for pleasure in this way is healthy eating.