What does meditation actually feel like? Fizzy fun.


Yoga-meditation aims to change your state of awareness. The final aim of yoga is  ’the cessation of the arising of mind-waves’ (Patanjali, Yoga Sutras) Mind-waves being thoughts, memories or any mind activity.

A meditator experiences many different states of consciousness along the way.  There are various signs that your state of awareness is changing, and they seem to spring up when you least expect them.

One of these signs is a sense that the edges of your body are dissolving. It feels weird and fun at the same time. I feel it as a kind of fizziness – especially around my hands and arms. At other times it feels like my body has gone blurry, like I’m not sure where my skin ends and the air around me begins.

I don’t only feel it at the edges though. Sometimes its like the whole body has become less, well, bony. Less bony and less solid. More liquid-fluid. Like I’m floating in a liquidy sac.

Weird, fizzy fun.

Compassionate Truth



True   False

Good  Bad

Right  Wrong


The mind’s truth can be righteous. It wants certainty and certainty demands ‘either/ or’ choices.

The body’s truth is compassionate. It allows for variety, change and contradiction. Its comfortable with uncertainty. It allows certainty to slide into place when its ready.