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day 8 of 14 – my yoga practice of corpse pose


Today when I lay down in shavasana my body feels sucked into the ground and prana moves fast and hard through my body in a swirling vortex movement. It feels like a strong vibration whirling around the body- as if the whole body feels dizzy. Brahma Shakti (energy of creation) whirling through fascia, blood, muscle.

Each asana *begins* with the physical posture. But what makes a yoga posture different from say an exercise posture is that asana is designed to change your inner state. Each asana is specifically designed to bring about specific internal state(s).
The invitation of corpse pose is to die to your current state to allow new creative energy to flood the body-mind-being, unrestricted by thought or activity. Thought and activity require you to focus attention. When we focus we direct prana to the object of our attention – it’s a narrowing or gathering of energy. In corpse pose we release and relax. We diffuse our attention so that prana rejuvenates the body.


In Praise of #Selfie Culture


Many people are critical of #selfie culture. ‘Its narcissistic,’ is the most common complaint. When ‘selfie’ was named the Oxford English Dictionary ‘Word of The Year 2013′, a slew of articles appeared in the media bemoaning this as evidence of our self absorbed society.

However I think this is a one sided and sour view. Selfies offer us the opportunity to examine how we look at our faces and bodies. Are you able to look at yourself with love? How critical are you of what you see?

A few weeks ago I got bored of hearing the ‘its narcissistic’ line. Boredom became inspiration and created an internet project called #ISeeMe. This is a practice of sharing close-up selfies – images of a small part of your body, such as an eyebrow, lips, wrists, legs, hand. I do this every day except for the days when I’m staying offline. The aim is to encourage people to look at their own bodies with appreciation. Join in and let me know how you go. Just use the hashtag #ISeeMe when you share your close-up selfies. You can find mine most easily on Instagram @VenaRamphal.

Go on, celebrate your body with #Selfie culture.