No Persistence Here


This short piece of erotica was written at the invitation of @sexblogofsorts. We were asked to write a piece using the name of a classic MAC lipstick as a prompt. My lipstick name was ‘Persistence’. Here it is…..


I’m not sure why they named me ‘Persistence’. Trying hard really isn’t my thing.

I live in my little case, darkness wrapping me in thick nothingness.
Each day she pulls open my lid- ‘pop’ – and twists me up into the light.
I glimmer and gasp into the air. I stand plump and proud. She lifts me to her lips in front  of the bathroom mirror.
This is it.
Each day I give a tiny sliver of myself to her mouth. I glide on and – ‘pucker’ – she presses me onto her lips.
And from that moment this sliver of my soul starts to die. Every time she sips, bites, laughs, kisses or smiles, I die a little. By the end of the day I’m gone, dissolved into…..thin nothingness.
I live for her mouth.
No persistence here. Just plump and proud surrender.

Eve of St. Agnes Beauty Range


I’m really picky about what products I use on my skin. I’ll often make a homemade mask or beauty treatment with natural ingredients such as yoghurt, honey and avocado.

I started using the Eve of St. Agnes Nourishing Cleansing Cream a few weeks ago. Because my philosophy on skincare is ‘less is better’ I’m using it as both a cleanser and moisturiser. It works beautifully for me. It may be the cocoa butter in it that moisturises so well.

No wonder its won awards!

The Nourishing Cleansing Cream comes with instructions to use it as a ‘Hot Cloth Cleanser’. But my skin tends to get dry so I created my own way of using it.

This is how I use it to so it doubles up as a cleanser-moisturiser:

I apply the cream to my face – dry – in swishing movements.

Using  the muslin cleansing cloth I wipe the cream off – again in swishing movements. (Yes, you get a special muslin cloth in the pack)

Thats it!

Because my skin is dry some of the cream soaks into it. By swishing rather than rubbing I leave that layer of the cream in the skin while lifting off the day’s dirt. (I know this because I can see it on the cloth

In two steps I’ve cleansed and moisturised.

Check out the range here