Corpse Pose Day 1of 14


So I’ve just had a whim to journal and share my shavasana practice for the next 14 days. So here goes.

Today as soon as I lay down in shavasana I had an image of threads of gold surrounding me from above. This image came directly from a meditation I had had years ago. It always fascinates me when meditation images come back. The prior significance is present but augmented by today’s interpretation. The act of relaxing into shavasana immediately brought forward my internal vision. I find increasingly that my internal senses impinge on my external body-world reality. Often there is no separation between the two. So Shava allows Chit Shakti (the power of consciousness) to flow manifesting as internal, subtle senses.

 Shava + Shakti = Shiva
Shiva consciousness constantly acts in the body making continual change. Dissolving and creating cells, muscle, blood, bone, breath, sight . And here I lay suspended in threads of gold – an internal external surrender.

Fleshy souls


I think souls are fleshy. I think that a soulmate is someone whose presence and absence makes you feel more alive. I think that you can have as many soulmates as you can handle! Intrigued?  Join us for the Soulmate Summit 2015

The Yoga of Relationships – join me at the British Yoga Festival


There’s more to yoga than doing postures, chanting ‘om’ and breathing deeply. Its a whole way of life. I love my formal yoga practice but I’ve always been more intrigued by yoga off the mat.

‘Yoga’ means union. I think the most important yoga is between your mind, heart and body. When all your bits are unified with each other you’re on track. I know that whenever I try to do something that’s a struggle for any part of me it fails. Life just works better when you are in ‘yoga’ with yourself.

Romantic relationships is the biggest and best opportunity to bring your mind, heart and body into harmonious union with each other. In fact, its the most important relationship skill because when you are in synch with yourself you can truly share yourself with your partner. You make decisions that are right for you, you communicate better, you don’t become needy. You even become more attractive – because being in synch with yourself gives you poise and confidence.

I’ll be teaching about all this in ‘Head, Heart and Hips: The Yoga of Relationships’
at the British Yoga Festival, Friday 5th December in London. Find out more here

In Praise of #Selfie Culture


Many people are critical of #selfie culture. ‘Its narcissistic,’ is the most common complaint. When ‘selfie’ was named the Oxford English Dictionary ‘Word of The Year 2013′, a slew of articles appeared in the media bemoaning this as evidence of our self absorbed society.

However I think this is a one sided and sour view. Selfies offer us the opportunity to examine how we look at our faces and bodies. Are you able to look at yourself with love? How critical are you of what you see?

A few weeks ago I got bored of hearing the ‘its narcissistic’ line. Boredom became inspiration and created an internet project called #ISeeMe. This is a practice of sharing close-up selfies – images of a small part of your body, such as an eyebrow, lips, wrists, legs, hand. I do this every day except for the days when I’m staying offline. The aim is to encourage people to look at their own bodies with appreciation. Join in and let me know how you go. Just use the hashtag #ISeeMe when you share your close-up selfies. You can find mine most easily on Instagram @VenaRamphal.

Go on, celebrate your body with #Selfie culture.


Flesh Beyond Words


I learnt about the body’s intelligence as a child. I started dancing when I was seven – learning classical Indian dance. I learnt that the body gets me ‘into the zone’ very fast. The rhythm of flesh and muscle get the mind out of the way. Being in the zone feels….its hard to find the words to describe it. Some words come close – words like:






But the experience of the flesh ‘in the zone’ is beyond words. It is a full and delicious experience of self that can’t be adequately languaged.

Think in Slow Motion


This morning’s words from my body were ‘Think in slow motion today.’

Does thought have a speed? How can I slow it down?

When discussing meditation I often hear people say ‘I can’t meditate because I can’t stop my thoughts. In fact, when I sit down to meditate, they get louder and faster.’

So how to slow down thought? Once again, the breath is the easiest way. The mind and breath are intimately linked.

To me, thinking in slow motion is about having an uncluttered mind. You hear your thoughts more clearly because rather than having a cacophany of thoughts about several things running at the same time – some in the foreground and some in the background – you catch and savour one thought at a time.

To get my mind into a state where it can catch and savour one thought at a time I slow down my breathing. Breathing slow and deep for a minimum of five minutes clears my mind. I’ve also noticed that it unlocks my body.

The day slows down. I can think in slow motion.

How I Eat


Recently, the food company Abel and Cole  posted on their FB Page inviting everyone  to sum up their own personal food philosophy. Here’s mine:

Eat foods I love. Stop before I’m full.



Sensuality is only a finger tip away. Touch your skin with love.

Eve of St. Agnes Beauty Range


I’m really picky about what products I use on my skin. I’ll often make a homemade mask or beauty treatment with natural ingredients such as yoghurt, honey and avocado.

I started using the Eve of St. Agnes Nourishing Cleansing Cream a few weeks ago. Because my philosophy on skincare is ‘less is better’ I’m using it as both a cleanser and moisturiser. It works beautifully for me. It may be the cocoa butter in it that moisturises so well.

No wonder its won awards!

The Nourishing Cleansing Cream comes with instructions to use it as a ‘Hot Cloth Cleanser’. But my skin tends to get dry so I created my own way of using it.

This is how I use it to so it doubles up as a cleanser-moisturiser:

I apply the cream to my face – dry – in swishing movements.

Using  the muslin cleansing cloth I wipe the cream off – again in swishing movements. (Yes, you get a special muslin cloth in the pack)

Thats it!

Because my skin is dry some of the cream soaks into it. By swishing rather than rubbing I leave that layer of the cream in the skin while lifting off the day’s dirt. (I know this because I can see it on the cloth

In two steps I’ve cleansed and moisturised.

Check out the range here