My most timely conversation of 2013


There’s a strong pull in my gut. I’m holding my breath and my heart rate has gone up. My muscles are ever so slightly tense. Unblinking, my eyes are devouring the words I’m reading. The words feel like they’re plopping straight into the centre of my brain.

I know this feeling. I get it when I’ve come across something that pulls my soul. I know I won’t be able to let go.

It was the morning of 26th November 2013 and I was looking at an email I’d received from Chris Attwood of The Passion Test

It was a call for applications to participate in an exclusive course he is running in 2014.

Because the words feel like they’re going straight into the centre of my brain I absorbed the gist of the message, not the details. Although, I didn’t notice this at the time – I was too absorbed. I put aside that morning’s writing, and filled in the application form.

Over the next couple of weeks I went through the next steps in the application process. At various points during this time I thought,’I don’t know if this is right for me at this time.’ ‘How am I going to do this?’ ‘Am I a good fit for this course?’

Even while I was writing the initial application form I stopped a couple of times and shut the laptop. I really wasn’t sure. But the pull in my body was undiluted. ‘Keep going’ it said.

I’m in the practice of listening to my body. So I did.

The result was that a couple of weeks later I got to skype with Chris for a whole, invaluable hour. That’s 60 minutes of time with one of the world’s leading experts on personal transformation.

You can read about Chris here

We decided pretty early in the conversation that this particular course wasn’t appropriate for me. But he very generously gave me his time, insights and advice.

To me, this whole experience exemplifies the power of listening to the body. The body’s knowledge is exquisite. It operates beyond the confines of logic. My logical mind looked at the known information – the data about this particular course – and calculated that it wasn’t right for me. So it said, ‘No’.

But my body sensed something else – something as-yet-unknown – to which it had a strong, ‘Yes’. By trusting that fleshy pull I opened the door to one of the most profound and timely conversations I’d had in the whole of 2013.