Corpse Pose- Day 11of 14

Today when I lay down in shavasana there is a torque from my right toes through my left hip to my right shoulder. I enjoy the shape for a while then wiggle my body about to let it go. It’s the start of the day and I want to bring my frame into balance. And rest.
My head is sitting heavy on my neck. I move it about a and the heaviness is still there. I take my attention to the sensation in my throat chakra. In classical Sanskrit speech theory the throat is the third energetic centre through which sound moves before it manifests as outward speech. Navel, heart, throat, tongue – words (and their meaning) come into form as they journey through these four centres. We know what it feels like to “swallow your words”. You can feel them going back into your throat. If they are emotionally charged you can feel them go back into your heart. If they are deeply self expressive you feel them sink into the pit of your stomach. Tongue, throat, heart, navel  - the reverse arc of creation.
I notice that the heaviness in my neck has softened but not disappeared. When I focus on my throat chakra I see whirling silvery-blue light. Shiva’s stardust. And suddenly I’m meditating on his blue throat (Nila kantha). His throat is blue because he holds there the poison that is spewed by the cosmic body/ocean before the nectar of immortality arises. Poison and nectar. The throat is a place of alchemy.