Autumn Detox


I start a week long Ayurveda retreat today. It’s called panchakarma and is the traditional detoxing and nourishing treatment of Ayurveda. Ideally, you do this when the seasons change so I’m bang on schedule as today is Autumn Equinox.   The last couple of weeks I’ve been preparing my body with gentle detox and rest. This little vase of flowers made me think of the fullness of Autumn – rich and changeable. A time for sighs of appreciation.

The gentle preparation of the last two weeks has already had an impact Both physically and emotionally. My body feels lighter and has required more rest. On the emotional level things have shaken loose. I need to step back from an old friendship and that change occurred over the last two weeks. Layers slipping away, through grief and into peace.

The yogic and ayurvedic traditions understand that our flesh, feelings and thoughts are intertwined. Mind body and heart all detox together. The emotional detox is a natural part of the physical. So I’m taking time and space to look after all of me.