Action In Inaction. Day 13 of 14 – corpse pose yoga


Today when I lay down in shavasana I see bright light in my inner sky ( this is the space seen by the third eye, usually when the physical eyes are closed.)

My body wants to move. So I let it move. My head rotates, my arms stretch and now my body wants to dance. So I let it dance. Lying on the floor I dance. Non-shavasana. My eyes stay shut and I’m aware of the light in my inner sky.
When the body stops dancing I lay still and enjoy the feeling of prana pulsing through the fabric of my flesh and bones and blood. The light of my inner sky remains bright.
Moving shavasana. Action in inaction.
Moving through the day in an attitude of shavasana allows me to dance with whatever presents itself – spontaneous  improvisation held in the structure of relaxed allowing.